Support to new blueberry farms

NATURE-GROUP S&V LLC is a pioneer in the growing of blueberries in the north of Kosovo, and the crop from 2017 is the first commercial growing of blueberries in this area. In addition to production, NATURE-GROUP S&V LLC is engaged in providing logistical and technical support to farmers in planting new crops. The company has already helped four farms in Leposavic region to start planting blueberries.

Current and potential blueberry growers need production, marketing and financial information to make informed decisions about starting and expanding their operations.

Our services are backed by several years of operational data and a team of experienced farmers, agricultural and electro engineers, sustainability managers and marketing experts.

Farm planning

Farm planning is a decision making process in the farm business, which involves organization and management of limited resources to realize the specified goals continuously. Farm planning involves selecting the most profitable course of action from among all possible alternatives.

The ultimate objective of farm planning is the improvement in the standard of living of the farmer and immediate goal is to maximize the net incomes of the farmer through improved resource use planning. In short, the main objective is to maximize the annual net income sustained over a long period of time.

When designing a new farm, it's crucial to ensure that form follows function. NATURE-GROUP S&V uses its unique design methodology to consider all possible models for integrating your farm into the given environment. We walk you through key decisions relating to farm design, farm layout, variety selection and ancillary activities.

Research and Analysis

Clients hire NATURE-GROUP S&V because of our unique capability to benchmark projects relative to one another. This fosters new levels of insight and analysis that can strengthen operators, investors and organizations involved in blueberry growing.

NATURE-GROUP S&V provides its clients with the services of conducting numerous studies related to the cultivation of blueberries, the establishment of new farms and the improvement of existing blueberry farms: geophysical research, irrigation studies, sustainability studies and risk manegament studies.

Renting agricultural machinery

Farming is not an ordinary job. It's a way of life. However, farming requires a lot of sweat and hard work. For this reason, adequate farm machinery and equipment significantly facilitate every farm practice.

NATURE-GROUP S&V offers its clients rental of agricultural machinery and labor. Our expert machine operators are at your service to help you make the most of your blueberry farm. The following machines are available for rent:

  • FERRARI Fruit Fractor,
  • JCB Multi-function machine,
  • Tractor-mounted Aatomizer,
  • Mulcher,
  • Mowers and Shredders,
  • Tractor Plows.

Marketing and sales managament

Marketing managament encompasses all the participants in the production, processing and marketing of an undifferentiated or unbranded farm product (such as blueberries), including farm input suppliers, farmers, storage operators, processors, wholesalers and retailers involved in the flow of the product from initial inputs to the final consumer. The marketing managament also includes all the institutions and arrangements that effect and coordinate the successive stages of a product flow such as the government, trade associations, cooperatives, financial partners and transport groups.

NATURE-GROUP S&V's close ties to the market gives its clients ready access and assistance in entering the market place by the best channel of distribution, distribution options, pricing strategies and even mediation in the sale of blueberries.

Blueberry farm can be a very profitable and rewarding. However it will take time before it gets to that point. If you would like more information about how to start a blueberry farm please contact us.