About us

The company NATURE-GROUP S&V LLC was established in 2016 and deals with organic growing of blueberries as well as logistical and technical support in raising new crops. The company planted its first crop on 2 hectares in 2017. The company NATURE-GROUP S&V LLC is a pioneer in the growing of blueberries in the north of Kosovo, and the crop from 2017 is the first commercial growing of blueberries in this area.

Today the company grows blueberries on 4 hectares of arable land and has 16,350 blueberry plants of Aurora and Liberty varieties. This organic growing is based on hydroponic method. The seedlings were purchased from the world's most renowned blueberry grower: Fall Creek Farm & Nursery.

In addition to production, NATURE-GROUP S&V LLC is engaged in providing logistical and technical support to farmers in planting new crops. The company has already helped four farms in Leposavic region to start planting blueberries. The company also provides the following services to its clients: farm planning, research and analysis, marketing and sales managament and renting agricultural machinery.

NATURE-GROUP S&V has the modern agricultural machinery and equipment for growing blueberries, together with complete systems for self-sustainability: off-grid solar power system, cold storage protection with CO2 adsorber, state-of-the-art fertilizer and irrigation control system.

Jevremovic family farm was founded in the early 20th century, originally a dairy farm where corn, wheat, hay and oats were grown. Following the global "blue wave" of blueberries and best practices in growing blueberries, Jevremovic family, which has 11 members, decided to follow this up-and-coming and sustainable agro-activity. In 2017 the first blueberry crop was planted on family farmland in Trikose Village.

Brothers Nemanja and Aleksandar Jevremovic along with other family members, founded a Limited Liability Company NATURE-GROUP S&V, specialized in the blueberry farming and the provision of services related to the cultivation of blueberries. This makes the family farm a fourth generation farm and first generation as blueberry growers.

The farm is located in Trikose Village in Leposavic Municipality.

All berries are sold commercially, exclusively through NATURE-GROUP S&V LLC.

Based upon our family's vision of long-term growth and preserving our heritage, we will operate our farm business in harmony with our community and the nature. It is our mission to produce and market the highest quality blueberries for our customers to enjoy.

Farming is a way of life. It's our heritage and our legacy to future generations.